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Hermes Rose Confetti, Rose Lipstick, Rose Tyrien, Parme, and Anemone

September 20, 2015

We are often asked by our clients to compare the most popular pinks and purples from Hermes

A side-by-side comparison photo of Rose Confetti, Rose Lipstick, Rose Tyrien, Rose Jaipur, Rose Shocking, Anemone, Parme, and Crevette:

Rose Confetti is similar to Bubblegum Pink 5P, without the gray tones

Rose Confetti is slightly warmer in Chevre and just the perfect pink in Epsom

Anemone falls somewhere between Tosca and Ultraviolet, somewhat like a lighter Cassis with some warm red tones.

Stay tuned for Rose Azalea coming in a few months hailed to be a cross between Rose Lipstick and Rose Tyrien