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Hermes Birkin 30 Classic Hermes Orange Birkin U Stamp, 2022

Hermes Birkin 30 Classic Hermes Orange Birkin U Stamp, 2022
Ultra coveted and ultra rare combination- classic Hermes Orange has been out of production for many years!
Just purchased from Hermes store; bag bears new interior 2022 U Stamp.
Brand New in Box in Store Fresh, Pristine Condition (with plastic on hardware).
Perfect gift! Comes with keys, lock, clochette, two sleepers, rain protector, and Hermes box.
Every woman needs an orange Birkin!
Classic Hermes Orange Birkin is the most requested combination from our clients.
Here's your opportunity to acquire this long out of production combination!
Extremely rare in Store Fresh Condition, classic Hermes Orange is stunning and modern with fresh Palladium Hardware.
Orange 30 Birkin has been seen on so many socialites, and is one of the most coveted Birkin combinations due to its versatility.
30cm size holds a ton and goes from day to evening, all four seasons.
This quintessentially Hermes combination is elegant with white shirt and jeans for day, and sexy with dresses and heels at night.
Don't miss this sublime iconic Hermes combination.
You will turn heads everywhere you go with this iconic statement piece!
Silver Breloque Charm not included.

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