Hermes Blue Nuit "Verso" Rose Pourpre 35cm Birkin

VIP Limited Edition Hermes Blue Nuit "Verso" Rose Pourpre 35cm Birkin

Brand New in Box. Store fresh. Pristine condition (with plastic on hardware).

Just purchased from Hermes store; bag bears new 2017 interior A stamp.

Perfect gift! Comes with keys, lock, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, rain protector, and orange Hermes box.

This is the Limited Edition release from Hermes offered to VIP's- the rare Blue Nuit Verso Birkin with contrast Rose Pourpre interior!

Blue Nuit with fresh palladium hardware is a very modern and sophisticated combination.

Lined with gorgeous Rose Pourpre Chevre, this rare to find "Verso"Birkin is a wonderful way to own a bi-color Birkin without the premium of a horseshoe stamp.

In the perfect 35cm size that takes you from work to shopping to travel.

Do not miss this superb limited combination VIP bag!

Breloque Charm not included.