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HSS Hermes Birkin 25 Rose Azalee Lime Pink VIP Order Bag Exclusive Y Stamp, 2020

HSS Hermes Birkin 25 Rose Azalee Lime Pink VIP Order Bag Y Stamp, 2020
VIP World Exclusive Special Order Bi-Color Birkin in the most coveted Rose Azalee!
Just picked up from Hermes store; bag bears new 2020 interior Y Stamp.
Brand New in Box. Store Fresh. Pristine Condition (with plastic on hardware)
Perfect gift! Comes in full set with clochette, lock, keys, raincoat, dust bag, and orange Hermes box.
This exclusive 25cm bi-color Rose Azalee and Lime Birkin is simply exquisite!
Rose Azalee is a gorgeous Rose that strikes the perfect balance between vibrancy and softness.
Lime is a highly coveted fluorescent yellow that provides the perfect gorgeous pop for the interior.
A truly exquisite and chic color combination!
This precious Baby Birkin gets its gorgeous sheen from luscious Chèvre leather and is accented with luxurious gold hardware.
If you do not have a Baby Birkin yet, you must.
So easy to get in and out of, and holds more than you think.
Beyond perfect from day to night!
Wear it with sneakers and jeans; wear it with heels and a cocktail dress.
Don't miss it- this rare and special VIP Birkin is truly exclusive and will turn heads everywhere you go!

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