Hermes Black 40cm Togo Birkin Gold Hardware GHW Power Birkin

Hermes Black Togo 40cm Birkin Gold Hardware GHW Power Birkin A Stamp
Brand New in Box. Store fresh. Pristine Condition (with plastic on hardware).
Just purchased from Hermes store; bags bears new 2017 interior A stamp (the only known A stamp of its spec in the market.)
Perfect gift! Comes with lock, keys, clochette, sleeper, raincoat, and signature orange Hermes box.
Here it is - the quintessential Power Birkin.
Make a statement without saying a word!
The Black 40 Birkin is a superb and very important-looking piece.
Extremely coveted combination in Togo with lush gold hardware.
Togo is the best choice for a Black 40- scratch-resistant and comfy to carry.
The ultimate Birkin and the only one you need for life.
A sophisticated and elegant classic perfect for work or travel.
Do not miss this extremely desired and hard to find combination- Black 40cm Birkins have become extremely rare to get from the store.

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