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Hermes Petit Duc Silk Scarf Pink Purple Green Carre 90cm

Authentic Hermes Petit Duc Silk Scarf

Fuchsia / Cyclamen / Vert
Brand New. Never worn. Store fresh!
Grab it! So gorgeous!
Destined to be a grail! One of the very best 90cm's released recently. Get it before it disappears forever!
The architectural design is so modern and classic at the same time.
The coloration is stunning: pinks, purples, and greens. All the most gorgeous feminine colors perfect for spring, or year-round!
Great deal! Also, due to ingenuous design, this coloration is literally like 2 scarves in one (pink one way, purple the other)!
This scarf is stunning, and will be your workhorse! Such a head turner!
Grab it! This colorway flies out of stores and is very hard to find!
So versatile and easy for wear year-round. Rock it equally with jeans and dressy ensembles, day and night, all year round.
The details and design on this scarf are amazing!
You will get so many compliments on this silk! It is stunning!
Again, the scarf is brand new and still has original scan code tag and care tag attached.

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