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Hermes Rouge Grenat 35cm Birkin Togo Palladium Hardware

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Hermes Rouge Grenat Garnet Red 35cm Birkin Togo Palladium Hardware Jewel
Brand New in Box. Store fresh. Pristine Condition (with plastic on hardware).
Just purchased from Hermes store; bag bears new 2016 interior X stamp.
Perfect gift! Comes with lock, keys, clochette, sleeper, raincoat, Hermes ribbon, and orange Hermes box.
Here it is - your sophisticated red Birkin for Fall/Winter and the holidays.
Every woman needs a red power Birkin.
This latest Rouge Grenat is a must-have "Garnet" red.
An exquisite red with a gorgeous depth and vibrance that perfectly captures the beauty of a Garnet gemstone.
So modern and elegant set with fresh palladium hardware.
The scratch-resistant Togo on this skin is outstanding- firm and luscious.
One of the best reds ever from Hermes- very sophisticated and jewel-like.
The depth of this jewel tone makes it a red that works remarkably well as both a bright and a neutral Birkin all year round.
Don't miss this stunning combination- it is love for a lifetime.
Breloque charm not included.