Hermes Rouge Grenat 35cm Birkin Togo Palladium Hardware

Hermes Rouge Grenat Garnet Red 35cm Birkin Togo Palladium Hardware Jewel
Brand New in Box. Store fresh. Pristine Condition (with plastic on hardware).
Just purchased from Hermes store; bag bears new 2016 interior X stamp.
Perfect gift! Comes with lock, keys, clochette, sleeper, raincoat, Hermes ribbon, and orange Hermes box.
Here it is - your sophisticated red Birkin for Fall/Winter and the holidays.
Every woman needs a red power Birkin.
This latest Rouge Grenat is a must-have "Garnet" red.
An exquisite red with a gorgeous depth and vibrance that perfectly captures the beauty of a Garnet gemstone.
So modern and elegant set with fresh palladium hardware.
The scratch-resistant Togo on this skin is outstanding- firm and luscious.
One of the best reds ever from Hermes- very sophisticated and jewel-like.
The depth of this jewel tone makes it a red that works remarkably well as both a bright and a neutral Birkin all year round.
Don't miss this stunning combination- it is love for a lifetime.
Breloque charm not included.