Hermes Rouge Pivoine 40cm Togo Birkin Bag Palladium Luscious

Hermes Rouge Pivoine "Peony Red" 40cm Togo Birkin Bag Palladium Luscious

Brand New in Box
Comes full set with keys, lock, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, rain protector, Hermes ribbon, and original box.
Rouge Pivoine, or "Peony Red," is the latest red from Hermes
Not a fire engine red, PIvoine is a luscious understated red with slight coral undertones
Coming with Palladium hardware, this Pivoine Birkin with its chic and modern vibe is as pretty as a Peony!
The Togo on this Birkin is very nice and fine-grained
Utterly fresh and undeniably pretty!
Don't miss this rare and gorgeous combination
Rodeo and Breloque charms not included