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Hermes Vert Verone Graphite Verso 25cm Birkin Togo Palladium

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Hermes Birkin 25 Vert Verone Jewel Tone Lagoon Verso Graphite Bag Z Stamp, 2021
Limited Edition Bi-Color Verso Birkin in gorgeous Vert Verone, a jewel-toned Lagoon ideal for summer!
Just purchased from Hermes store! Bag bears new 2021 interior Z Stamp.
Brand New in Box. Store fresh. Pristine Condition (with plastic on hardware)
Perfect gift! Comes with keys, lock, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, rain protector, and Hermes box.
One of the best vibrant colors from Hermes, Vert Verone is a gorgeous jewel-toned green reimagined from the cult favorite Lagoon.
Just as drop-dead gorgeous as Lagoon, Vert Verone is a bit deeper and much more versatile year-round.
Vert Verone is so striking with all manners of creams, blues, tans, orange, and black.
A limited edition bag offered to VIP's, this Verso Birkin features a wonderful Graphite interior.
Accented with fresh Palladium hardware, this Birkin is perfect for the modern fashionista.
A wonderful way to own a Bi-Color Birkin without the premium of a special order, this Vert Verone Verso gives you a pop color and a neutral color in one Birkin!
In Novillo leather, which is just as durable as Togo, but has a finer grain and is lighter weight.
We absolutely adore Novillo-- it is stiffer than Togo, yet easier to handle than Epsom!
If you don't have a Baby Birkin yet, you must!
This darling "Baby Birkin" is the hottest bag now.
So easy to get in and out of, the 25cm Birkin is beyond chic from day to evening with jeans to dresses.
Wear it with a white shirt, jeans, and sneakers; wear it with a summer dress and sandals.
Don't miss it- you will turn heads everywhere you go with this VIP Vert Verone jewel!