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Hermes Ebene and Gold Camel Tan Verso Limited Edition VIP 30cm Togo Birkin

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VIP Limited Edition Hermes Ebene and Gold Camel Tan 30cm Togo Birkin Y Stamp, 2020

Just purchased from Hermes store; bag bears new interior 2020 Y Stamp.

Brand New in Box. Store fresh. Pristine condition (with plastic on hardware).

Perfect gift! Comes with keys, lock, clochette, a sleeper for the bag, rain protector, and orange Hermes box. T

his is the Limited Edition release from Hermes offered to VIP's- the rare Ebene Birkin with contrast Gold Camel Tan interior!

Ebene is an ultra deep black-brown that works remarkably well with browns, grays, and blacks.

A very modern and sophisticated combination with fresh Palladium Hardware.

Lined with elegant Gold "Camel Tan" Chevre, this rare to find "Verso" Birkin is a wonderful way to own a special bi-color Birkin without the premium of a horseshoe stamp.

In the perfect 30cm size that takes you from day to evening.

Do not miss this superb limited combination VIP bag!

Silver Breloque Charm not included.